We dive deeper into data to help you understand every factor affecting your sales.

Our advanced analytics capabilities put you inside the minds of your customers to drive your decisions, increase conversions, and maximize your returns.

AI & BI Consulting

We develop custom artificial intelligence and business intelligence solutions to help businesses forecast future trends and make better data-driven decisions.
Predictive Analytics
Prescriptive Analytics
Machine Learning Models
Data Engineering
Data Transformation
Data Visualization & Reporting

Media Optimization

We combine applied AI techniques to provide an all-in-one solution for measuring the ROI of marketing and advertising investments and finding areas for improvement.
Multi-Touch Attribution
Media Mix Modeling
Lead Scoring

Voice of Customer Experience

Our solutions offer real-time insights into what the market is saying about your products and services.
Social Listening
Deep Linking to Forums, Reviews & Posts
Theme Detection
Sentiment Scoring
Phrase Velocity

Customer Lifecycle

We take a data-driven approach to managing and optimizing the full customer journey, helping you convert more prospects into loyal customers.
Customer Lifetime Value
Next Best Action

Web Analytics

Our team is extremely well versed in an array of web analytics platforms, including licensed offerings from Adobe and Google. We specialize in KPI development and data visualization based on specific customer requirements.
Adobe Analytics
Google Analytics 4
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