Supercharge your voice of customer insights with AI.

Gain the insights you need to proactively solve problems and deliver top-notch customer experiences.
Turn endless customer service data into action.

Standard voice of customer programs are table stakes. Our unified voice of customer offering uses artificial intelligence to take your program to the next level. We’ll turn your customer service data into a powerful dashboard that helps you proactively address issues, enhance your customer engagement, and keep your finger on the pulse of your brand health.

What's included
Comprehensive dashboard
Training materials
Data flow & process improvements

Hone in on exactly what your customers care about.

Powered by generative AI, our voice of customer dashboard enables team members across your organization to find opportunities for improvement, thanks to functionality like instant summarization of customer service transcripts, emotional progression scoring, and near real-time brand health checks.

Case study

Improving the customer experience​.


A major sports network launched a new streaming service and imposed a new purchase and viewing model for its fans. Customer satisfaction began to decline with the changes. The provider needed to identify the gaps in service, perform triage, and ultimately determine if and how to adjust the model.


OneMagnify’s unified voice of the customer application allowed the provider to trend customer sentiment prior, during, and after major viewing events. This information, combined with the provider’s own call center data, yielded results to make key business decisions.


The network identified performance issues and put fixes into place, including the right staffing levels pre, during, and post event. These fixes translated to a +9% in customer satisfaction and a +176% increase in streaming subscribers.



Increase in customer satisfaction



Increase in streaming subscribers

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