Unifying customer profiles with advanced data matching.

Turn disparate customer records into comprehensive customer profiles.
Mastering customer identity with
advanced resolution techniques.

OneMagnify leverages advanced identity resolution techniques, unlocking a comprehensive understanding of your customers across multiple touchpoints and platforms.

Our identity resolution services are designed to accurately match and merge disparate customer data points, creating unified customer profiles that encompass all interactions, preferences, and behaviors.

Cross-platform identity matching
Data enrichment
Customer segmentation
Compliance management
Data de-duplication
Behavioral linking
Graph database implementation
Anomaly detection
Omnichannel integration
Real-time identify verification

Driving hyper-personalization with unified customer views.

The core of OneMagnify’s approach to identity resolution lies in its ability to drive personalization at scale and with operational efficiency.

Not only will we match, resolve, and de-dupe your customer records, but we’ll augment with reliable and relevant third-party data and prepare your optimized data sets for use by tools in your MarTech stack and third-party platforms.

This unified view enables you to engage your customers more effectively, tailor your communications, and build stronger, more meaningful, and longer lasting relationships.

Identity resolution powered by OneMagnify.

OneMagnify will be your identity resolution partner, leveraging AI as part of a comprehensive digital transformation. Connect with us to discuss your identity resolution needs.