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OneMagnify’s pricing services are tailored to empower businesses with strategic pricing models that drive profitability, market competitiveness, and customer value.

Understanding that pricing is a critical element of the marketing mix, our approach goes beyond cost-plus models to incorporate value-based pricing strategies that reflect the perceived value of products or services to the customer.

We leverage market research, competitive analysis, and consumer behavior insights to develop pricing strategies that maximize revenue potential while ensuring market alignment.

Our services are designed to help clients navigate the complexities of pricing in dynamic markets, optimizing pricing structures for new product launches, existing offerings, and promotional campaigns.

Price optimization modeling
Competitive analysis
Price elasticity testing
Segmented pricing strategies
Dynamic pricing
Promotional pricing analysis
Price point analysis
Lifecycle pricing
Cross-channel pricing consistency
Pricing governance

Optimizing revenue with dynamic pricing solutions.

At OneMagnify, we recognize the importance of flexibility and responsiveness in pricing strategies to address changing market conditions and consumer demands.

Our dynamic pricing solutions are based on advanced analytics and real-time data, allowing for pricing adjustments that respond to market trends, inventory levels, and consumer purchasing patterns.

This approach not only enhances revenue management but also improves customer satisfaction by offering prices that customers perceive as fair and competitive.

We work closely with our clients to implement pricing strategies that are transparent, consistent, and aligned with their overall business goals, ensuring a cohesive approach to market positioning and revenue growth. Through our pricing services, OneMagnify helps businesses achieve a competitive edge, driving sustainable growth and market leadership.

Case study

Understanding price sensitivity and cross shopping.​


A fresh produce supplier wanted to measure the impact of price and promotions across different retailers and product categories.


Four different models were developed in order to provide insight into how consumers related to pricing changes at the retailer and product level:

  • Price elasticity models
  • Promo type models
  • Depth of discount analysis
  • Product level halo/cannibalization impact


Pricing and promotion optimization led to a 10% increase in sales volume.​



Increase in sales volume

Maximizing profit with OneMagnify.

OneMagnify's pricing offering allows your organization to maximize profit through expert pricing insights and analysis. Connect with us today to discuss your pricing needs further.