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Full-scale cross-channel media optimization, powered by AI.
Drive higher ROI on all your
digital marketing efforts.

Ensure your marketing efforts reach their full potential with OneMagnify’s media optimization. Powered by artificial intelligence, this game-changing tool lets you easily allocate media spend across channels, platforms, and campaigns, ensuring your marketing dollars go where they make the biggest impact.

This dynamic optimization process ensures that each campaign delivers maximum impact, driving higher conversion rates, engagement, and ROI.

Audience targeting
Cross-channel media strategy
Media spend allocation
Programmatic buying
Performance tracking & analytics
Creative optimization
RTB management
Ad inventory management
Geo-targeting campaigns

Better understand the customer journey.

With a single source of truth for all your marketing campaigns, you’ll gain a powerful understanding for the messaging, creative, and targeting that resonates with your customers. Our powerful tool uses AI to instantly recommend spend by channel so you can stop overspending in underperforming channels and start making the most of your effective touchpoints.

Case study

Tactical and strategic media planning.


A joint venture between an automotive OEM and its dealers contracted with a number of third parties to provide programmatic media to dealers. The solution provider needed to measure media performance by partner as well as provide a toolset to help dealers plan and optimize their media.


OneMagnify’s media optimization platform deployed a model-based multi-touch attribution solution to properly credit media’s impact on dealer sales. This data fed reporting to measure partner performance as well as media planning tools to optimize performance.


OneMagnify’s media optimization solutions were leveraged to redistribute marketing spend resulting in an increase in viable new customer leads and sales. The client saw a 21% increase in overall leads with $0 added to media spend.



Increase in lead volume

Amplify your media mix with OneMagnify.

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