Intelligence Foundation

Comprehensive data, analytics and AI offerings.

Robust data is the cornerstone for solving the most complex customer experience challenges. Our expert team of data engineers help customer experience focused teams establish data best practices that enable the effective use of analytics and artificial intelligence, regardless of your current stage of data maturity.


With technology-agnostic guidance backed by deep experience across leading platforms, we used advanced analytics tools and techniques to help organizations unlock better business and marketing decision-making. Armed with personalized dashboards on platforms like Power BI, Domo, Alteryx, Tableau, and AWS, you’ll have the real-time insights you need to refine marketing strategies and meet your goals.


We harness the power of artificial intelligence to help you meet your most important KPIs with speed and agility, from optimizing media spend and delivering hyper-personalized customer experiences to mining untapped sources of data to uncover customer preferences using generative AI.

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