We find new opportunities hiding in your data with Looker Studio.

When it comes to collecting, visualizing, and transforming your data, Looker Studio has unlimited potential. Our team knows how to unlock it.

Looker Experts

Looker became a part of the Google Cloud Platform in 2019, and Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) has emerged as one of today's premier business intelligence (BI) and data visualization tools. OneMagnify helps clients navigate the capabilities within Looker Studio to gain actionable insights and better inform their business decisions.

Truly modern data exploration

OneMagnify will help you to eliminate data silos within your business for good. Our cloud-based Looker Studio solutions provide tools for collaborating in real time, establishing a single source of truth by centralizing data from multiple sources. There's not a data warehouse, web service, or SaaS platform our team can't bring into the fold. If you're struggling with pulling in data from a particular source, we can create a custom partner connector to make it readily available.

Our team is also skilled at using Looker Studio to create visualizations that translate your data in a way anyone can understand. Then we make those visualizations easy to embed in external applications so you can share them with whoever, whenever. Looker Studio has the tools. Our team has the knowledge.


Connect to more of your data in more places without coding or software.


Transform raw data into impactful stories that reveal every corner of the customer journey.


Visualize your sales funnel and accurately track churn.


Empower everyone in your organization with custom metrics.


Collaborate within the platform no matter your level of technical expertise.


Share insightful charts and graphs about your business with the world.

Smarter analysis

With the power of Looker, OneMagnify will help your company to easily navigate and explore your data, perform complex calculations, and uncover hidden patterns and trends.

At OneMagnify, we can provide training and workshops to help your team make the most of Looker Studio.

Bring your data to life

Foster a data-driven culture

We help businesses encourage collaboration and data literacy within their organization using Looker Studio’s shared data model and intuitive analysis tools. From creating team workspaces to launching Google Cloud projects, we can help you find the fastest way to get started.

On top of better cross-functional collaboration, our Looker Studio solutions also improve data consistency — ensuring everyone across your organization has access to the latest facts and figures at all times.

Data governance and security

We understand that security is a critical priority in today's data-driven landscape. That's why we provide robust data governance to protect your assets. With fine-grained access controls, data permissions, and data lineage tracking, our team can ensure your data is secure, compliant, and can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

Integration and extensibility

Whether you already have Looker Studio up and running or are just getting started, our team can improve its integration with your current data ecosystems for a more unified view of your business.

We know our way around Looker's modeling language (LookML) and fine-tuning its controls to produce more accurate models and transformations.

Make OneMagnify your Looker partner

When you partner with OneMagnify, we collaborate with you to develop customized data strategies, design interactive dashboards and visualizations, and optimize your implementation for maximum impact.

Our expertise can unlock the full potential of Looker Studio, driving your business forward in an era when data powers the fastest growth. Contact us today to see how our Looker Studio solutions can transform your approach to data analytics.

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