We design and build emotive Shopify storefront experiences that flat out convert.

As a Shopify Partner, we leverage years of experience to deliver a seamless, optimized e-Commerce experience for customers.
As a Shopify Partner, our solutions cover every corner of the Shopify ecosystem

Liquid Theme Development
Shopify Apps
Hydrogen Development
ADA Compliance

Shopify’s native platform hosting architecture also eliminates bottlenecks that come with non-managed eCommerce frameworks, resulting in reduced IT, support, and hosting maintenance costs. OneMagnify provides solutions in every facet of the Shopify universe, from design and development to consulting and search engine optimization (SEO).

Reach further and move faster with Shopify Plus

Highly configurable and scalable, Shopify Plus is particularly well-suited for enterprise companies with complex distribution needs, adding a suite of additional tools and customization options. We manage a wide array of projects for clients within Shopify Plus, leveraging its robust App Marketplace and time-saving integrations to create immersive and rich experiences under the tightest deadlines. OneMagnify builds and manages many Shopify Plus experiences on behalf of CPG clients.

Get unlimited bandwidth and transactions
Reduce repetitive workflows
Automate promotions and checkout offers
Offer SEO-optimized search and product recommendations
Access holistic data insights with detailed store reporting
Improve security, compliance, data encryption, and fraud and bot protection

Design and liquid development

With extensive experience in UX design and strategy, OneMagnify builds Shopify experiences based on data-driven insights and CRO best practices. We go through a deep discovery process with each of our clients, producing accurate and visually stunning frontend storefronts that help brands stand out. Our UX designers and developers work together seamlessly to build clean, modern experiences in Shopify’s open-source liquid templating language.

SEO expertise

Our team includes Shopify SEO experts with in-depth experience in keyword research, meta data development, offsite SEO activities, and technical SEO executions native to the Shopify platform. One issue we commonly see with Shopify storefronts is keyword cannibalization. We prevent it by focusing on onsite strategy and page-level keyword assignments. Our team also utilizes well-known, third-party tools and platforms for conducting SEO research.

Easy migration

Moving an existing eCommerce operation to Shopify from a different eCommerce platform can be a complex process. We have the experience necessary to make migration as seamless as possible, ensuring that all your data gets carried over (including product information, photos, content, and customer/order data). We have experience in migrating the majority of licensable eCommerce platforms to Shopify

Thorough support

From simple development tasks to adding new features and functionality, we handle a wide range of process and maintenance requests, providing clients with the complete Shopify support they need from a single source.

Make OneMagnify your Shopify partner

Boxed Water scales with Shopify Plus & OneMagnify

OneMagnify designed and built Boxed Water’s Shopify storefront in 2017. Since then, our team has continually maintained and strengthened the site experience with new platform features and partner integrations. Our CRO processes have contributed to record revenue and conversion rates.

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