We use Salesforce to analyze your audience and optimize customer experiences.

Expand your reach, maximize your sales opportunities, and drive the growth of your business with cutting-edge CRM tools, AI, data analysis, and the collective knowledge of our Salesforce experts.

Salesforce Partner Agency

As a trusted Salesforce Partner, we leverage Salesforce to help sales and marketing teams reach new customers and build meaningful connections more effectively than ever.

Our team is well-versed in identifying and implementing the right Salesforce tools and integrations to meet the most specific business goals.

Using the leading customer relationship management tool, we design connected ecosystems of real-time customer information and sales data that create a clearer path to maximized sales.

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When OneMagnify is engaged early in the process, we’re able to help clients right-size their solutions and minimize upfront costs. We work hard to understand your unique goals, so we can recommend the right services to help reach them. Whether your organization has been using Salesforce for 10 years or 10 days, we have you covered.

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Collaborate with colleagues

We use Salesforce to provide valuable insights into campaigns and content while eliminating data silos, easing communication between teams and encouraging collaboration.

Enhance customer experiences

On the customer side, we utilize automated emails and tailored landing pages informed by Salesforce to speak directly to your customers wants and needs — giving them more reasons to choose your business at critical moments of the customer journey.

OneMagnify's expertise in Salesforce allows companies to create seamless experiences for their customers.

In a fasting-moving world, making your sales process as effortless as possible is crucial. Salesforce can help, but with the platform's wide range of applications, it can be easy to get overwhelmed after implementation. That's when partnering with the right Salesforce experts makes a difference.



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Complete Salesforce support

OneMagnify specializes in helping companies leverage Salesforce to its fullest potential—whether its the complete Customer 360 portfolio or individual apps. Very often, consultancies deliver on implementation, but fall short when it comes to support. Our team provides end-to-end Salesforce support, from defining usage and implementation to ongoing optimization and management.

OneMagnify leverages Marketing Cloud and Email Studio for enhanced marketing efficiency

Within Marketing Cloud, Email Studio is a key part of our practice, covering A/B testing, subscriber management, and creating triggered emails. We also utilize Journey Builder to create one-on-one customer paths and Automation Studio to handle marketing and data management tasks.

Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

Our proven experience with Sales/Service cloud covers platform administration, system development and integration, developing workflows, and object management. Within Pardot, our knowledge goes beyond email creation to include custom integrations and connector management.

We also provide critical ongoing support from troubleshooting and system management to real-time tracking and reporting.

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