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As a Salesforce partner, OneMagnify helps brands implement, optimize, and manage Salesforce solutions to unify customer experiences across all touchpoints.

Your customers don’t operate in silos. Neither should your Salesforce solutions.

From marketing and sales to service and beyond, your customers expect and deserve a seamless, satisfying experience. With 20 years of Salesforce expertise, we help you capitalize on the full power of your Salesforce suite to deliver innovative, unified experiences across the entire customer journey.

The OneMagnify path to customer
transformation using Salesforce.

Our Salesforce consulting team lives and breathes customer experience, combining deep marketing expertise with data, analytics, and artificial intelligence capabilities to drive digital transformation and maximize the value of your Salesforce investments.

Technology innovation

We support you in the end-to-end architecture, implementation, management, and ongoing evolution of your Salesforce suite.

Technology strategy
Solution architecture
Platform strategy
Platform managed services
Intelligence foundation

We establish a data foundation to support analytics and AI approaches that fuel Salesforce solutions and provide the basis for creating optimal customer experiences.

Data activation strategy
Data integration
Database management
Data cleansing & augmentation
Identity resolution
Performance management
Customer value
Brand & reputation management
AI readiness
Unified voice of customer
Media optimization
Our Salesforce expertise

Our Salesforce consultants unleash the power of Salesforce technology, ensuring your applications are configured and managed to drive efficiency, fuel business processes, and increase sales.

Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
Marketing Cloud
Commerce Cloud
Data Cloud
MC Account Engagement
Industry Clouds

We offer implementation and managed services to help you get the most value from your Salesforce investment and extend your team with our certified experts.

Why OneMagnify?

Salesforce consulting partner with 20 years of Salesforce experience.

50 years of creative brand-building experience.

Data, analytics, and AI expertise.

700 marketing, analytics, and AI experts globally.

OneMagnify’s Salesforce offerings

Unified voice of customer

Translate vast amounts of customer data from Salesforce Service Cloud and other sources into real-time insights that reveal what your customers care about so contact center reps can manage customer interactions more efficiently and successfully.

Data cleansing & augmentation

Promote the seamless flow of high-quality data across your Salesforce suite. Our data cleansing best practices combined with Data Cloud eliminate duplicate records, correct inaccurate data, standardize formats, and combine appropriate records from multiple sources for a single source of trusted customer data.

Customer relationship marketing

Integrate brand and digital marketing with data-driven strategies and analytics that guide decisions about audience targeting, messaging, and user experience.

We excel at optimizing Salesforce to fuel industry-specific and organizational business processes.

Case study

Personalizing CRM marketing strategy


To streamline and better personalize its marketing strategy across multiple channels, Navistar turned to OneMagnify to develop an integrated cross-brand and business unit CRM program for its primary vehicle brands, International® Truck and IC Bus®, and their aftermarket service solutions.


OneMagnify implemented a campaign system for effective management, consolidation, centralization, and optimization of all email, paid media, and owned media programs across all of Navistar's brands and business units.

  • Creating new email microjourneys 
  • Enabling CRM campaigning with real-time data
  • Driving sales with Salesforce integration & lead qualification


Delivered relevant, personalized experiences based on customer segmentation and lifestyle stage. The seamless multichannel program resulted in increased subscriber list growth and enhanced overall email engagement.



increase in subscriber list growth



improvement in overall email engagement
Case study

Salesforce implementation, integration, and reporting
We implemented Salesforce CRM and Sales Cloud, integrating with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
Outcomes included:
New multiyear reporting and visualizations with Tableau
Streamlined access to customer and purchase information
Improved data exchange between sales and marketing teams
Case study

Robust data drives flexible decision-making


A large automotive aftermarket parts provider managing 5,000 company-operated and 1,400 independently owned stores, serving both retail and commercial markets, needed to:

  • Drive more B2B revenue
  • Decrease marketing costs
  • Increase store traffic

To do this, the client needed to establish a single, complete, actionable, and flexible decision-making environment to serve all business needs related to customers.


OneMagnify delivered a customer data integration solution that included integrated sales and marketing automation; scalable analysis and reporting platform; and a flexible, integrated data layer with data hygiene, customer data integration, and data consolidation.

Effort included: 

  • Name and address scrubbing, address verification, and geocoding
  • Entity management
  • Data mapping and standardization


Delivered relevant, personalized experiences based on customer segmentation and lifestyle stage. The seamless multichannel program resulted in increased subscriber list growth and enhanced overall email engagement.



increase in annual sales through improved targeting of key customer contacts



reduction in annual database costs



reduction in campaign postage costs

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