We take the learning curve out of .NET development

Our team simplifies the process of deployment and upkeep to put you in control of customer experience at all times.


.NET is a powerful, full stack framework that supports robust, scalable, and secure applications. As a leading provider of digital solutions, OneMagnify has extensive experience in .NET development. We deliver custom-fit solutions for every kind of audience, no matter how tight the timeline, and provide unparalleled support to help clients win new customers.

Integration & migration

Integrating multiple systems and migrating existing applications to the .NET framework comes with a variety of challenges. At OneMagnify, we seamlessly integrate .NET solutions with third-party systems and databases, improving data flow and interoperability.

Our team can also help migrate your legacy applications into the .NET framework, modernizing your technology stack and unlocking the benefits of the latest .NET features.

Build and implement quickly
Improve response times
Reduce compute power requirements
Create a standard set of APIs in one place
Extend the functionality of your applications
Our development skills run the gamut of the .NET platform
.NET framework

Our team leverages the power of the .NET framework to build scalable and customized applications that align with your business goals as they change over time. Whether we're developing a new application from scratch or customizing an existing .NET application, our team prioritizes quality, performance, and security with every project.


Server-side ASP.NET development covers the management of data access and storage, as well as handling user requests and responses. We combine a deep knowledge of ASP.NET with user-centric design principles to build intuitive interfaces that drive engagement.

.NET Core

We use the cross-platform capabilities of .NET Core to build scalable, cloud-friendly applications that run on Windows, macOS, and Linux. This flexible framework helps our clients reach the widest audience possible, encompassing web applications, APIs, microservices, and more.

Let our team lead the way.

We help our clients avoid the growing pains of development by finding the most natural fit for their business within the .NET ecosystem. Our comprehensive support and maintenance services ensure seamless adoption and optimal performance.

We understand that a single great application can move mountains in terms of growth, increasing revenue, and building great relationships with customers. That's why we're dedicated to finding the fastest route to building and deploying them.

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