We take the surprises out of cloud adoption with Azure.

Put the data-driven insights of Azure to work in any application and create a cloud strategy that suits your brand.


Today's enterprise businesses need more powerful and flexible cloud computing solutions — the kind that accelerate growth while meeting specific IT and data security requirements. Our Azure solutions address those needs and then some. With our expertise in Microsoft's comprehensive cloud platform, we make it easier for clients to leverage the power of Azure, handling the heavy work and providing a seamless transition for employees, partners, and customers alike.

A rock-solid foundation for digital transformation

$25.7 billion in Microsoft Cloud revenue for FY23 Q3

Azure covers the full breadth of modern cloud services — from computing, storage, and networking to artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), analytics, and more. When combined, these services have the potential to completely transform the daily operations of any business. At OneMagnify, we use Azure's advanced capabilities to help clients scale their infrastructure, develop personalized marketing strategies, and innovate within their industry.

Build quickly and deploy safely

Azure AI
Azure OpenAI Service
Azure Machine Learning
Azure Virtual Machines
Azure DevOps
Azure Deployment Environments

Our Azure experts help businesses create robust applications, choosing the best development tools to optimize performance on a case-by-case basis. Whether you're building a new web application, updating a mobile app, or developing enterprise solutions catered to your specific business, our team has the knowledge and foresight to set you up for success.


average savings of direct infrastructure-related costs with Azure

$203 billion

potential total cost of ownership savings on Azure vs. running on premises

Use AI and data to drive innovation

As data continues to drive more and more decision-making, our Azure solutions provide intuitive tools for gathering analytics. Bringing AI into the fold informs even more forward-thinking solutions. Using services like Azure AI infrastructure and Azure Machine Learning, we can unlock the value in your data and uncover meaningful insights into the behavior and preferences of your customers.

Our team's collective expertise in data integration, building predictive models, and developing AI-powered solutions gives you a more complete solution to the challenges of modern business.

Best-in-class support for more open-source frameworks and languages
Rapid model development tools for accelerating time to value
Built-in governance, security, and compliance features you can trust
Integrated cloud and container deployment capabilities

Get ahead of scalability and grow with confidence

Our Azure solutions seamlessly expand as your business expands. Auto-scaling is set up to handle varying workloads, improving cost efficiency over time. Whether you need to accommodate sudden spikes in traffic or scale your infrastructure to support new business initiatives, our team ensures your Azure environment is optimized for growth.
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Keep security and compliance top priorities

Security comes first in the cloud, and your peace of mind comes first at OneMagnify. Azure provides robust security features and compliance certifications to safeguard your data and applications. We know how to navigate the platform's built-in security controls, encryption, and threat detection capabilities, and can protect your assets while making sure you're meeting all the necessary regulatory requirements.

Make OneMagnify your Azure ally

Our team is ready to collaborate with you to develop customized strategies and optimize your Azure environment for maximum performance. With our deep knowledge of the platform, we'll unlock the full potential of the cloud to drive your business forward.

Contact us today to discover how our in-depth understanding of Azure can transform the way you understand your business.

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