We help clients take digital transformation in stride with Amazon Web Services.

Adapt to the digital age and thrive with the help of our forward-thinking approach to cloud computing.

AWS consulting

Digital transformation doesn't come without challenges, but navigating them is well worth the rewards. At OneMagnify, we make adopting and optimizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) a seamless process, drawing from our in-depth experience with the platform's comprehensive array of developer tools and scalable services.

Whether it's refactoring applications, implementing cost monitoring, or keeping you compliant with industry regulations, our team knows the inner workings of AWS and can help your team use the cloud to its full potential.

Accelerate digital transformation
with OneMagnify and AWS

Customer data management
Secure data collaboration
Contextual ad intelligence
Optimized ad platforms
Digital customer experience

Our AWS solutions span data storage, computing, analytics, and artificial intelligence. Whether it's your infrastructure, software, or platform systems that are due for an upgrade, we can help you find the right AWS solution for your specific needs. By plugging our clients into modern application architectures, microservices, and serverless computing, we accelerate time to market and help adapt to changing market needs.

Scalability that gives you more
room to grow

Grow your infrastructure with confidence, and our team will sort out the details for you. Our AWS solutions are scalable on demand. Whether you're handling a sudden spike in user traffic or accommodating growing data storage needs, our team makes every transition seamless.

Reduce downtime
Eliminate over-provisioning
Get single-digit millisecond performance
Handle millions of requests per second

Reliably secure

Your data security is our No. 1 priority. AWS provides an array of robust security measures and compliance certifications to safeguard your sensitive information. We ensure that your data remains protected at every level to provide you (and your customers) with greater peace of mind.

Custom-built security features for the cloud
Native identity and access management tools + API integrations
Automatic data encryption
Monitored 24/7

Cost-effective scale

We help clients keep AWS cost-effective by designing efficient architectures, optimizing data, and leveraging AWS's built-in cost management tools. Our team will ensure you only pay for the resources you use.

Understand and optimize your usage over time
No complex licensing or termination fees
Volume-based discounts
Optional savings plans

AWS delivers reduced latency and congestion with global resources

Lackluster load times? We can help deploy applications and services closer to your end users in AWS. Choosing how and where you want to run workloads improves performance and overall network quality.


countries and territories served


direct connect locations


availability zones


local zones for ultra-low latency applications

Powerful solutions for tackling big data

AWS offers a wide range of tools for big data analytics. Our team leverages those tools to gain better insights into your customers, operations, and current market trends. From data storage and processing (with Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift) to analytics and machine learning (with Amazon Athena and Amazon SageMaker), we'll find the right combination of services to uncover patterns and help guide your business decisions.

Automate. Integrate. Test. Deliver. Monitor.

We do DevOps the modern way. Our team has a thorough understanding of AWS DevOps best practices to help businesses optimize their development workflows. Services like AWS Config and AWS CloudTrail provide governance, compliance auditing, and regulatory compliance capabilities. AWS Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) help automatically scale resources based on demand and distribute traffic efficiently.

Leave your AWS needs to OneMagnify

At OneMagnify, our experienced professionals understand the power of cloud computing, the capabilities of AWS, and how these solutions are becoming more and more critical for modern business growth.

We collaborate closely with clients to develop customized AWS strategies and provide ongoing support to ensure your infrastructure is optimized for performance, scalability, and security.

Contact us today to leverage the power of the cloud and drive your business forward with OneMagnify.

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