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Amazon Ads

Having an effective Amazon Ads strategy is a necessity for any business with a presence in the Amazon marketplace. But with storefronts to maintain, products to promote, and search results to optimize, there are a lot of moving pieces to the puzzle.

With OneMagnify's deep knowledge of Amazon Ads' capabilities, we can help you solve the challenges of the platform to strengthen your campaigns, increase your brand visibility, and boost your sales.

Unlock the power of precision targeting

From sponsored products and display ads to video ads and custom ads, our team can help you choose the right ways to target your ideal audience with Amazon Ads. With a solid, data-driven strategy as a foundation, our creative team individually tailors ads to match the unique taste of your customers.

Custom storefronts and posts
Sponsored ads
Display ads
Video ads

Stand out with product sponsorships

Businesses can promote products directly within Amazon search results and product detail pages with Amazon Sponsored Products. At OneMagnify, we specialize in optimizing Sponsored Product campaigns, leveraging advanced targeting techniques, and creating A+ content to maximize your ad spend. From strategic keyword targeting to pay-per-click pricing, we'll guide you through your options and collaborate with your team to find the fastest route to fulfilling your business goals.

Expand your reach beyond search results with Sponsored Display

Amazon's Sponsored Display targets customers across Amazon-owned sites, as well as third-party sites and apps, through programmatic advertising. Showcasing your brand, products, and offers to this wider audience can help you drive awareness and engagement. We utilize audience segmentation and creative optimization to help maximize your impact with every Sponsored Display campaign.

Bring your products to life with Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands lets you deliver immersive video experiences, spotlight your store, and showcase a collection of your products to users on Amazon and across the web. Our team specializes in creating compelling video ad campaigns, optimizing placements, and driving brand awareness through captivating storytelling.

Differentiate your brand by providing richer content
Target based on keywords and products relevant to your business
Drive traffic to individual product pages, a custom landing page, or your Amazon store

Focus on long-term loyalty with custom ads

We work closely with businesses of all sizes to design and execute custom ad campaigns that resonate with customers, drive engagement, and deliver measurable results. Our full-funnel advertising solutions leverage the complete suite of Amazon Ad capabilities. From awareness and consideration to purchase and retention, we dive deep into the customer journey to help you outshine your competition every step of the way.

Keep a closer eye on your metrics

Successful advertising campaigns require consistent optimization and analysis. Amazon Ads provides robust reporting tools for measuring campaign performance and tracking page views, click share, and conversions. At OneMagnify, we utilize these insights to identify areas for improvement and refine your targeting and bidding selections over time.

Take on Amazon Ads with OneMagnify by your side

Whether you're looking to increase brand visibility, boost sales, or optimize your advertising campaigns, our team has the knowledge and experience to make it happen. We deliver the full spectrum of services to help your business thrive on Amazon Ads — from initial strategy to flawless creative execution.

Contact us to make the world's largest eCommerce platform a megaphone for your brand.

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