We help clients distill data into actionable insights with Adobe Analytics.

Track customer behavior, monitor conversion funnels, and optimize your digital marketing campaigns.

Adobe Analytics

Our Adobe Analytics consulting services help enterprise-level clients organize, store, refine, and model their data to reveal all of the knowledge it holds. Through advanced data collection, thorough reporting, and AI-driven insights, we track and understand user behavior in real time. In other words, we help you see through the tech to the real human behavior driving your sales.

OneMagnify will expertly develop a holistic view of your data with Adobe Analytics

Our Adobe Analytics solutions integrate data from all of your data touchpoints, providing you with a complete map of customer interactions. That includes completed purchases, form submissions, popular paths, and your most-visited pages. Our custom dashboards help make that information easier to understand and share with your team.

Capture data from web, email, campaigns, web-based kiosks, mobile devices, and more
Define your own variables and customize segmentation
Easily distribute data across your preferred digital marketing systems
Our Adobe Analytics consulting and implementation services cover:
Analytics implementation
Audits of existing analytics properties
Ad hoc analysis
Flow analysis
Advanced segmentation
Multichannel data collection
Offline data integration
Machine learning-driven attribution
Anomaly detection
Contribution analysis
Intelligent alerts

The power of web, marketing, & predictive analytics tools at your fingertips.

Reveal hidden opportunities with AI

Rules-based marketing attributions informed by your users' actual behavior
Automated anomaly detection to quickly identify what's affecting your business
Segment comparison tools to help you identify key performance indicators (KPIs)
Intelligent alerts that can be customized with key metrics
Live stream features to gather insights in real time

Make sure you're reaching the right audience

OneMagnify takes advantage of the robust segmentation and audience analytics capabilities within Adobe Analytics for a more granular look at the "where" and "why" behind every customer interaction.

Our team can break down your audience by demographics, geography, and behavior to help you identify high-value segments and create a more personalized experience for your customers.

Measure the impact of your campaigns

We help businesses leverage Adobe Analytics' marketing attribution capabilities to understand the customer journey and attribute conversions to specific marketing activities.

By knowing what's working and where there's room for improvement, you can optimize your marketing spend, increase your ROI, and improve your marketing mix to make a larger impact.

Master Adobe Analytics with OneMagnify

Our team of experienced professionals understands the power of data analytics and Adobe Analytics' capabilities. We collaborate closely with clients to develop truly customized strategies, implementing the right Adobe Analytics solution for their particular technology stack and providing insights to drive their growth.

Contact OneMagnify today to discover how our Adobe Analytics implementation and consulting services can reinvent the way you look at your business data.

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