We deliver platform-customized application tools, cloud-based public/private hosting, and more.

Our technologists and data engineers deliver best-in-class solutions that reduce costs, simplify systems, and help optimize and automate insights at scale.


In today’s constantly changing security environment, we believe the best way to keep our clients safe is to make security a priority across our company and to continuously challenge ourselves to get better in our security methods. We know that when our clients entrust us with their data, they are putting their reputations on the line along with our own. We treat that trust with the utmost responsibility.

Application Services

Engineering cloud-native applications using microservice architecture. Specifying optimum software, tools, and techniques by combining agile practices with design thinking and app modernization. It’s how we solve client needs quickly and deliver applications to the market faster.
Agile Development
Web & Mobile Application Development
Cloud-Native Application Development
RESTful API/Microservice Development
Ecommerce Solutions
QA Engineering & Testing

Data Platforms

Development and management of the technology, infrastructure, and applications that drive marketing, sales, and analytics solutions for clients. Specializing in hybrid cloud and on-premise integrations, our data platforms provide a methodology and framework for data governance, customer data integration, analytics, segmentation, and marketing automation.
Data Architecture & Strategy
Data Ingestion
Data Quality & Hygiene
Data Analytics
Data Synchronization
Big Data
Customer Data Integration
Managed Relational & NoSQL Database

Managed Cloud Services

Enterprise delivery of clustered platforms, software, storage, security, and computing resources that require minimal client management. This includes public, private, and hybrid clouds. We reduce start-up costs and simplify systems and solutions, which allows our clients to focus on what they do best.
Private & Public Cloud Hosting
Infrastructure Management
Security & Maintenance
Network Administration
Platform Administration

MarTech Solutions

We integrate OneMagnify solutions and third-party MarTech tools to deliver multi-touch, omnichannel, and digital solutions at scale, enabling our clients to execute campaigns, collect and analyze results, and apply insights for maximum impact. Our solution teams engage in enterprise CMS, web CMS, landing page development, content marketing platforms, digital asset management, and email management.
Web Content Management/CMS
Headless CMS
Campaign Development
Marketing Automation
Landing Page/Lead Generation
SMS Integrations
Loyalty & Incentive Platform

Tech Partners

We collaborate with the best tech partners in the world: Adobe, VMware, Google, Salesforce, Kentico, and others to provide optimally integrated platforms.

The Latest Tools

We leverage best-in-class technologies and consistently update our portfolio to ensure that we're utilizing the latest and greatest tools.

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