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Designing future-proof
digital architectures.

OneMagnify understands that the foundation of any successful digital initiative lies in a robust and flexible solution architecture.

Our approach is centered around designing scalable, secure, and efficient systems that support your business goals and adapt to evolving technological landscapes.

Our expert team builds architectures that optimize operational performance, reduce costs, and enhance user experiences, ensuring that your business remain competitive in a rapidly changing digital world.

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System integrations
Custom development
Tech audit & assessment
Cloud solutions
Data architecture
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Platform optimization
Performance enhancements
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Customize architectures to business objectives.

OneMagnify tailors digital architectures to your unique needs, ensuring that every component of the system contributes to achieving your business goals.

We leverage cutting-edge technologies and best practices to deliver solution architectures that are both innovative and practical, driving digital transformation and helping you unlock new levels of efficiency and growth.

Case study

Delivering a state-of-the-art cloud native application.


A major automotive OEM's certified pre-owned program wanted to understand the monthly performance of its paid media campaign.

They wanted to use the results to drive data-informed decisions for campaign optimization.


Effort included:

  • Leverage GCP (CAAS) Cloud Run to manage multiple microservices and UI React Application Deliver state of the Art Cloud Native application
  • Full Cloud Development process and DevOps Automation (Agile project management and release management)


Huge savings on manpower with complete Infrastructure as Service and process automation.

Real-time monitoring of all infrastructure components: Cloud Run, Cloud Funtion, Cloud SQL and Application usage with a live metrics dashboard.



cost savings



faster time to market



increase in productivity & operational efficiencies

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