Researching, planning, and implementing technology platforms to support customer experience.

Gain deeper understanding into how your technology stack is functioning, where action needs to be taken, and how all the elements of your platform strategy come together to drive value.
Crafting competitive edge
with strategic platform strategy.

OneMagnify’s expert team develops holistic platform strategies that harness the power of technology and data to create meaningful customer experiences that help you stand out from the competition.

We take the unique aspects of your business and industry dynamics into consideration, then go under the hood to review your existing tech stack.

From there, we make strategic recommendations on what needs to be cut, what needs more investment, and where modernization is key.

Our team builds a detailed roadmap featuring platform strategies that are designed to drive scalable growth and improve CX.

Platform architecture
Tech stack selection
Platform monetization
Data strategy & analytics
Security strategy
Market analysis & positioning
Growth hacking
Regulatory compliance consulting
Integrations & API strategy
User experience strategy

Integrating platform dynamics for sustainable growth.

At OneMagnify, we believe that a successful platform strategy goes beyond technology—it's about creating a strategic framework that aligns with business objectives while fostering innovation.

We work closely with you to identify key stakeholders, define value propositions for platform participants, and develop governance models that ensure a balanced and sustainable ecosystem. This is ensures current market needs are met, while also positioning you well for the future.

Case study

Executing a company-wide Pardot launch.


A cleaning & restoration supply company needed to understand:

  • The current sales process using Salesforce
  • What enhancements Pardot would add
  • How communication would improve
  • What training would be required prior to launch



  • Conducted in-depth interviews with Salesforce power users
  • Developed a training recommendation for the client's management team
  • Refined the process for a successful Pardot rollout


We equipped the client with a roadmap to plan, develop, execute, and socialize training. This helped them recognize the need for additional work to align internally around a company-wide Pardot launch.

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