We provide cutting-edge tools for optimizing your business strategy with DataRobot.

Our analytics expertise and DataRobot's advanced AI capabilities redefine what data can do for our clients.


Automated machine learning (AutoML) allows businesses to rapidly test hypotheses, explore new ideas, and adapt to changing market dynamics faster than ever before.

DataRobot is a long-standing leader in applying AutoML models to the field of analytics and is particularly well suited for evaluating and comparing the performance of different machine learning models on provided data.

At OneMagnify, we walk you through the accuracy and recall of each model, helping you choose the right options to inform customer lifetime value (CLV) analysis, churn prediction, cross-selling opportunities, price optimization, and more.

Transforming enterprise data into actionable insights

Our solutions start by integrating and optimizing your existing enterprise data, business intelligence and DevOps tools, and application stack. With your assets fueling DataRobot's machine learning experimentation and production capabilities, we can get to the root cause of business challenges, simulate new initiatives, and translate the results into clear insights you and your stakeholders can utilize to move your business forward.

DataRobot's open and interoperable platform also provides a greater variety of deployment options — from SaaS and self-managed VPC environments to your own hardware.

Value-driven AI insights in weeks
instead of years

Realize the true value of your data with automated machine learning

DataRobot's state-of-the-art automated machine learning has revolutionized the way businesses approach data analysis and predictive modeling. Using its full suite of features, we rapidly build, deploy, and manage machine learning models to save you time and resources while ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Our team of experts uses DataRobot's automated machine learning capabilities to extract valuable insights and uncover patterns and trends, helping you make data-driven decisions that drive results.

Our DataRobot solutions cover:

Quickly experiment with multiple ML problem framings, identify key drivers, and build precise models that drive impact. Code-first and no-code options let you get value from AI fast and improve collaboration.


Everything you need to manage and scale your AI models, all in one place. Seamlessly test, document, deploy, monitor, and govern a diverse portfolio of models in production, no matter where they’re built or deployed.

Assured governance and compliance

Automate and customize model performance tests, automatically document model behavior, and manage models to the highest standards. Meet government regulations and reduce overall risk by managing access and changes to production models.

Who currently uses DataRobot?


top US banks


top pharmaceutical companies


top telecommunications companies

A streamlined workflow from data preparation to deployment

DataRobot provides a streamlined data science workflow that covers every step of the process. With DataRobot, we can easily import and prepare your data, handling tasks like data cleaning, feature engineering, and data transformation. The platform's intuitive interface and automated processes reduce the strain of manual coding. Once models are built, DataRobot simplifies the deployment process for seamless integration into your existing systems and workflows.


Next-Level Forecasting: Enhance Supply Chain Management with DataRobot and ChatGPT

Watch this webinar recording, co-hosted with our partner DataRobot, to learn how ChatGPT is fueling a smarter, more efficient era of supply chain forecasting.

Whether you're a supply chain professional, data scientist, or business leader, join us to unlock the potential of DataRobot, RXA, and ChatGPT in optimizing supply chain management and gaining a competitive advantage through real-world case studies and live Q&A.

Powerful insights and predictive modeling

Using DataRobot's vast library of algorithms, our team can quickly develop highly accurate predictive models for the most specific business objectives. Whether you're looking to track customer behavior, optimize marketing campaigns, or streamline operational processes, we provide actionable results in record time.

Enterprise-grade scalability and collaboration

DataRobot is designed to meet the requirements of the largest organizations, letting our team efficiently manage and scale machine learning projects while handling large volumes of data and complex business scenarios. DataRobot also facilitates seamless communication and knowledge sharing for better collaboration between our data scientists and your business stakeholders.

Accelerate your data journey with OneMagnify

Partnering with OneMagnify means gaining a trusted ally that understands the intricacies of DataRobot. Our team of experienced data scientists and machine learning experts will work closely with you to use the platform to its full potential.

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