Multibillion-dollar agriculture company Syngenta balances climate change and biodiversity loss with the need to feed the world through more efficient distribution channels, smarter farming, and regenerative agriculture.

For help, Syngenta came to OneMagnify. They needed a safe, flexible platform that allowed their distribution partners and crop protection retailers to report grower point-of-sale and inventory data, enabling them to qualify for various incentive programs.

multipronged solution.

New retailer portal.

A powerful online tool allowing Syngenta channel partners to submit sales and inventory files, review reports, and access reference information.

The Syngenta Reporting Center

Fully staffed
support center.

A dedicated team of experts facilitating direct engagement with thousands of important Syngenta customers.

Detailed rules engine.

Methodical governance used to reconcile and validate compliance of all transactional and inventory data based on hundreds of business rules – including daily data exports reconciled to Syngenta redemptions.

Strategic onboarding plan.

Carefully orchestrated eCRM campaigns, supported by dedicated program headquarters engagement to help drive adoption.

Comprehensive customer database.

Rich, informative data that is organized, validated, and available for future marketing programs and insights.

Syngenta comprehensive customer database

Fast. Thorough.
Effective. Secure.

Within a few months, OneMagnify had built the critical infrastructure, developed the necessary programming, and onboarded retailers with an inviting eCRM campaign. Our solutions did more than allow Syngenta to obtain the information required to redeem its programs. It also helped eliminate potential overpayments due to fraud or reporting errors.

Retailers engaged.
Transactions skyrocketed.

Results have been more successful than anyone anticipated, with goals for enrollment and transactions continuing to exceed expectations.


of retail partners have onboarded through eCRM and are engaging through the new portal and Support Center team.


of transactions and inventory records are received and processed on a yearly basis.

Happy client.

“OneMagnify is so important to Syngenta. Plus, you interface with our most important customers.

Our most important customers – that used to mean our distributors, only because we didn’t have a way to identify all of our authorized retailers. But now, thanks to you, we’re talking to them too.”


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