Modern furniture in a bright, spacious office showroom featuring lounge areas and minimalist design.
Coalesse approached OneMagnify with the challenge of designing a more usable, fluid, and comprehensive cross-device experience.

Coalesse products incorporate stunning design details, and we felt that the new website would be a platform to showcase them accordingly.

This project brought together collaboration in UX, SEO, design, and development to deliver a highly visible and functional experience.

Keyword research.

Identifying architects and designers.

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increase in keyword rankings

increase in keyword rankings for product category and detail URLs

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Keyword deliverables.

Through our research, we developed a keyword workbook that established keyword clusters related to interior design, architecture, office furniture, and category-level product behaviors. This would give us clear inbound paths for conquesting new A&D users.

On-site deliverables.

Technically and structurally developed.

Brand design by OneMagnify for Coalesse, featuring a modern office layout with contemporary furniture, reflecting an intuitive and research-driven approach.

On-site deliverables.

We built metadata and on-site workbooks that included page-level metadata and a comprehensive redirect strategy from the old site built in ExpressionEngine.

Our handwritten metadata was implemented on every page on the site. Schema was leveraged to properly mark up product information.

Art direction.

Showcasing great product with style and personality.

Coalesse Bob Lounge Seating
Coalesse Business-like with a warm embrace.
Coalesse Emu Pattern Seating
Colesse A well-proportioned classic
Coalesse Wing Chair

UX design.

Intuitive and informative.

A user flow diagram by OneMagnify for Coalesse's website, outlining the navigation from landing page to product selection and resources.


We worked with the Coalesse digital team to build the IA such that architects arriving at the new site would intuitively understand where new content and resources exist. We balanced usability goals with SEO goals that were focused on paginating product categories and high-intent informational content.

Wireframe layouts for Coalesse's website, designed by OneMagnify, featuring product pages and blog sections in grayscale.


OneMagnify's pixel-accurate high-fidelity wireframes helped establish layout, copy, and structural design. With the help of prototyping tools, including InVision App and Principle, client approvals were collaborative and efficient.

Minimalist webpage design for the "Sistema Lounge System" by Coalesse, featuring a clean layout with a focus on typography and whitespace, crafted by OneMagnify.

Visual design.

Design expression from fabrics to interactive devices.

Coalesse's sleek homepage design with the Sistema Lounge System, highlighting modern office furnishings in a light-filled setting.

Design comps.

OneMagnify tapped into Coalesse’s asset library, taking full advantage of beautifully composed product photography and lifestyle imagery. Our philosophy was to allow the products to stand out for themselves against a simplified and clean canvas.

Product Detail
Detailed product page for Coalesse's Lagunitas Lounge System, highlighting features and design versatility in a clean, contemporary web layout.
Elegantly curated Coalesse furniture collection presented in a clean web layout, showcasing various chair designs and settings.
Collection Lander
Coalesse website's mobile view displaying modern office furniture with a headline emphasizing workplace culture inspiration.
Mobile view of Coalesse's product detail page (PDP) showcasing the Lagunitas Lounge System, emphasizing its versatile design and functionality within a clean, responsive web layout.
Coalesse website designed by OneMagnify, showcasing the Viccarbe Imports Collection.


Institutionally executed.



Parent company Steelcase embraces WordPress to power a number of its enterprise experiences, and we focused on building a back-end experience that would allow their content teams to easily and simply manage new product and content deployment.

We produced our traditional HTML/CSS/JS static templates and stitched them into WordPress to minimize any reliance on third-party plugins.

Efficient execution

The new Coalesse website came together in only 20 weeks, which encapsulated a fully custom design all the way through to a
hand-coded front end.

JS animated interactions

We used expanded styles and libraries to allow the front end to adapt in an animated and integrated manner.


The Coalesse website utilizes WordPress, built with enterprise best practices, hardening, and delivery via WP Engine.


increase in organic search traffic within four months


increase in site traffic


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