As a leading manufacturer of medium-duty, heavy-duty and severe-service trucks, Navistar and its International Trucks brand is vital for our nation’s infrastructure and supply chain.

To help their various marketing partners identify content that was timely and on-message, Navistar turned to OneMagnify to develop a streamlined content creation and deployment strategy.

Content audit.

Understanding the asset landscape.

Taking stock.
Finding opportunities.

OneMagnify completed a full audit of existing assets and analyzed how they were being utilized. After studying the results, content pillars were identified and a plan was developed to serve the pillars in a more consistent and efficient manner.

Setting the brand
up for success.

Four overarching pillars were identified to provide a framework for content development.

Crafting original content.

Creating product-centric
content is kind of our thing.

Fresh, on-brand content.

Leaning on over a decade of product-focused content creation for Navistar, OneMagnify now designs, builds, films, interviews, writes, and delivers content that can be used by each of the partner agencies for their respective programs.

Landing pages.

Providing the rich content
customers and dealers want.


#TyvekTogether Social Campaign