When COVID-19 first spread across the globe, DuPont led the way in addressing society’s increased need for PPE.

Already a worldwide leader in protective garments, DuPont quickly created a specialized new Tyvek® fabric that drastically increased production.

It was a breakthrough that needed to be promoted for the public good during an unprecedented time of need.

In 10 short days, amid the height of the pandemic, OneMagnify helped create and activate #TyvekTogether – a dynamic, multichannel social campaign that highlighted DuPont’s PPE efforts while also soliciting partner innovators for support and distribution.
DuPont tweets

Phase 1
Socializing a solution.
Spreading hope.

Launch posts featured broad storytelling designed to generate hope, positivity, and awareness across multiple platforms with a mix of static, video, and animated posts.

Phase 2
Responding to trends.
Refining the story.

As the pandemic raged, social listening revealed trending topics that informed fresh, relevant content. When community sentiment shifted, so did our #TyvekTogether posts. To keep pace with DuPont’s PPE output, we used foundational infographic and animation assets that could be easily updated. Video was also employed to communicate significant shifts in story.

DuPont social media

Aligning partners.
Amplifying efforts.

Partners quickly signed on as intended, supporting the effort and enriching content throughout the campaign. DuPont shared proprietary garment patterns and technical know-how as numerous businesses shifted operations to help with PPE production under the #TyvekTogether initiative.

OneMagnify aligned common partner communication goals to address PPE needs while orchestrating who would post and who would amplify, based on audience, engagement data, and sentiment.

We fact-checked all content to uphold accuracy in a very fluid and fast-moving environment. We also merged and purged content strategies across multiple communication teams and created a method for sourcing partner assets.

Geotargeting resonated.

Though global in scale, COVID-19 created localized PPE needs. For this reason, we wanted to communicate #TyvekTogether activity in the most intimate manner possible.

Geotargeting allowed us to target partner company efforts to the local communities most affected.

DuPont twitter engagement

Messaging multiplied.

Additional partner content across multiple platforms included web updates, articles, e-blasts, webinars, PR efforts, and more.

Engagement soared.
Lives were saved.




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