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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a cornerstone of OneMagnify's Digital Activation offerings. Our highly experienced SEO team has a proven track record leading global search strategy to improve search rankings and organic visibility for diverse clients including Fortune 1000 companies and emerging brands.  

If you’re looking to increase organic web traffic, improve user engagement, and boost lead generation and conversion rates, OneMagnify can help.

With a collaborative and flexible approach, we handle retail location portfolios, eCommerce websites, and everything in between.

It’s essential to keep up with constant algorithm updates and increasing competition in SEO. We can help you create a strong SEO strategy to maximize your organization’s online presence.

Keyword research
Technical onsite SEO
Page speed optimization
Topical mapping & IA planning
Hyperlocal muli-unit management
SEO copywriting
Content optimization
Link graph development
Marketplace optimization
Search analytics

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We take a proactive and innovative approach to SEO, considering all mediums and touchpoints influenced by search.

Most organic search engagements begin with a comprehensive audit that looks at critical technical factors, content analysis, offsite signals and a KPI assessment.

We then implement practical, comprehensive strategies tailored to your unique business goals. We work to integrate and scale with your existing processes and applications, leveraging AI for advanced research and content automation, when appropriate.

Our unique, adaptive SEO framework is designed to evolve with search engine algorithms to keep your website consistently high-ranking for relevant searches.

From strategy and design to implementation of a comprehensive SEO project plan, OneMagnify is committed to helping improve your organization’s SEO positioning, organic traffic, and user engagement.

Case studies

Case study

Visibility and Beyond: SEO Innovations at Steelcase


Steelcase faced challenges effectively reaching and engaging potential customers. Despite having a wide range of high-quality products, their online presence didn’t reflect their market leadership. As a result, they lost significant search engine traffic and potential sales opportunities.


Steelcase embarked on a comprehensive SEO strategy to transform their digital presence and increase the visibility of their products in search results, which drives more organic traffic and improves user engagement. Key strategic initiatives included:

  • Enhancing search visibility through advanced keyword implementation
  • Optimizing site structure for maximum SEO impact
  • Revamping content strategy to elevate engagement and relevance


After putting the SEO strategy into action, Steelcase saw a remarkable improvement in search engine rankings, resulting in tangible business growth and an enhanced digital footprint. Key metrics included:



increase in organic traffic within six months.



increase in conversion rate from organic search visitors.
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