Powering paid media performance for global brands.

Comprehensive campaign management across search, social, and display networks.
Maximizing reach with strategic
paid media campaigns.

OneMagnify helps organizations navigate the complexities of the paid media landscape, empowering them to stand out to the right audience at the right time. We offer a strategic blend of creativity and analytics to maximize the reach and impact of your multi-channel paid media campaigns.

By leveraging targeted advertising, sponsored content, and search engine marketing, we craft customized paid media strategies that resonate with specific audiences, driving engagement and conversion.

Our team utilizes advanced research tools and AI-powered analytics to continuously optimize campaign performance, ensuring that every dollar spent maximizes return on investment and contributes to your growth objectives.

Keyword research
Goal & network planning
Ad creative
Campaign development
Bidding strategy
Conversion optimization
Reporting analytics
Shopping ads
Advanced targeting
Multi-lingual xxecution

Integrating paid media with omnichannel strategies.

At OneMagnify, we understand that the true power of paid media lies in its integration within broader digital activation and omnichannel strategies.

By aligning paid media campaigns with organic search efforts, content marketing, and social media initiatives, we create a cohesive and unified brand experience across all customer touchpoints.

This holistic approach ensures not only increased visibility and engagement but also reinforces brand messaging and values, fostering trust and loyalty among target audiences.

Our expertise in navigating the complex landscape of digital advertising, combined with a deep understanding of consumer behavior, allows us to deliver paid media solutions that are strategic, scalable, and aligned with your overall marketing objectives.

Case study

Developing a competitive paid social ad strategy.


A commercial vehicle manufacturer wanted OneMagnify to audit and manage their paid social ad strategy through the lead-up and launch of a major new product.


OneMagnify developed a strategic recommendation to build awareness, consideration, and conversion in line with the launch. We developed paid social recommendations to expand and grow a new affinity for the company in parallel to the launch. We executed a robust paid social media campaign management, optimization, and analysis.


The strategy resulted in:

  • Diversified and full-funnel paid social investment for targeted audiences
  • 12 branded paid social campaigns
  • Detailed and transparent metrics for each campaign

Improve your campaign success with OneMagnify.

Leverage OneMagnify's expertise as a Google Partner to accelerate your paid media performance and scale it successfully to global audiences and mediums.