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Customer research services that guide the development of effective marketing campaigns and optimal user experiences.
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OneMagnify relies on the power of customer research to inform and drive marketing strategies.

Our approach to customer research is centered around gaining a deep understanding of target audiences, their behaviors, preferences, and pain points.

By leveraging a variety of research methodologies, including surveys, focus groups, and data and analytics, we uncover actionable insights that guide the development of tailored marketing campaigns and digital experiences.

Our team provides you frameworks such as customer segmentation, personas, and customer journey maps as the foundation for enhanced digital experiences. This focus grounds strategies in real-world customer needs and expectations, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of your clients' digital presence.

Surveys & questionnaires
Focus groups
Customer interviews
Market segmentation
Competitor analysis
Ethnographic research
Sentiment analysis
Customer journey mapping
Usability testing
Custom reporting

Leveraging research for enhanced customer engagement.

At OneMagnify, we use insights from comprehensive customer research to fine-tune your messaging, design, and overall user experience, ensuring that they align with target customer profiles.

Because customers feel understood and valued, this alignment boosts engagement, fosters loyalty, and builds trust. By continuously integrating customer research into our iterative design and development processes, we ensure that your digital offerings remain dynamic, user-centric, and aligned with evolving customer expectations.

Case study

Developing a journey map to improve customer service.


An insurance company asked OneMagnify to:

  • Develop a journey map of their customers' experience
  • Focus on two key services --- underwriting/loss of control and claims processing

We explored industry complexities such as:

  • The distinction between the client's 'customer' and 'consumer'
  • Various service levels
  • Tiered custmer types
  • Key competition


We developed a customer journey map showcasing:

  • Key stakeholders
  • The true customer experience
  • The voice of the customer
  • The cyclical process and the timing associated with each phase
  • Lagging areas and pain points
  • Opportunities to improve the overall customer experience


The journey map served as a point-in-time reference, enabling employees to provide more efficient and effective service.

Enhance your customer insights with OneMagnify.

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