Connecting with customers wherever they are.

Customer relationship management services that deliver a seamless experience throughout the buyers’ journey.
Elevating customer relationships
with advanced CRM solutions.

OneMagnify’s customer relationship marketing (CRM) offering is an omnichannel approach to engaging with current and potential customers throughout the customer lifecycle.

We work with your teams to develop strategic CRM campaigns that integrate various communication channels to interact with customers wherever they are. By ensuring consistency of messaging, branding, and customer experience regardless of the channel used, we empower you to provide a seamless and cohesive experience for customers across multiple touchpoints.

This means that whether a customer engages with your business through social media, email, in-store, or via your website, they receive a unified and personalized experience tailored to their preferences and behaviors.

By aligning marketing efforts across channels and measuring customer responses effectively, you can create more meaningful interactions with your audiences over time, driving higher conversion rates and ultimately, greater revenue growth.

Platfom strategy
CRM customization
Data migration
User training & support
Customer data analysis
Marketing automation
Sales automation
Customer service enhancement
Platform configuration

Increase your reach with omnichannel CRM strategies.

A successful CRM campaign is heavily intertwined with our capabilities in areas such as SEO, paid media, customer research, and content development. Alignment across these disciplines ensures your campaigns effectively reach their target audience with relevant, compelling messages and offers. With an agile approach to CRM, we will quickly iterate, test, and optimize your marketing efforts based on responses and results.

By integrating your campaigns with your marketing automation or CRM software, we can capture campaign and customer insights to further personalize interactions, improve targeting, and nurture leads through your sales funnel. If you’re looking to maximize your reach, impact, and profitability, omnichannel CRM campaigns are essential.

Maximize your reach with OneMagnify.

Partnering with OneMagnify means gaining a trusted expert with cross-disciplinary expertise to maximize your reach and engagement with customers. We’re ready to help propel your CRM campaigns to new levels of success.