RXA@OneMagnify x DataRobot at COLLIDE Data Conference

Catch up on our sessions from Data Science Connect's 2023 COLLIDE Data Conference, where we discussed the latest trends and advancements in applied artificial intelligence with our partner DataRobot.
From Mirage to Mastery:
Navigating the AI Landscape Beyond Empty Promises
  • Jason Harper, Managing Director, RXA@OneMagnify
  • Colby Miller, Partner Demand Generation Lead, DataRobot
  • Jessica Lin, Lead Data Scientist, DataRobot
  • Selma Dogic, Senior Manager, Analytics COE, Carter's
  • Sarah Gibson, Analytics Manager, Aflac

The AI landscape is rife with grand claims, but how many of them translate into tangible business results? “From Mirage to Mastery” dives deep into the world of AI to separate the genuine breakthroughs from the buzzwords. Join our panel of experts as they highlight proven strategies, debunk common myths, and lay out a path to making a lasting impact with AI.

Accelerating the Machine Learning Process With DataRobot and RXA@OneMagnify
  • Jack Claucherty, Sr. Data Scientist, RXA@OneMagnify
  • Jessica Lin, Lead Data Scientist, DataRobot

This session showcases the combined power of DataRobot’s full AI lifecycle platform and OneMagnify’s data science expertise. Using examples of real client work, we showcase some of the ways our solutions accelerate time to value, optimize customer journeys, and improve data science workflows.