Program strategy, rules, eligibility, claim processing, and more – all orchestrated by a single, dedicated team.

We leave nothing to chance—and optimize along the way—to ensure enhanced customer loyalty for our clients' brands.

Overarching Program Command & Control

We coordinate a vast array of activities across our inbound/outbound call support, email administration, program eligibility verification, payment and claim processing, and live chat services. These activities include, but are not limited to:

Troubleshooting and escalating issues for resolution
Data entry and file loading for claims, invoices, and inventory
Data cleansing and validation to maintain customer database and program-related data
Conducting material balance processes to verify available-to-sell and inventory balance amounts
Assisting clients with audit compliance
Working within client enterprise resource planning systems for billing processing
Managing workflow for case management. This may include reconciling and resolving inquiries/inconsistencies, researching data, or leveraging client’s CRM for program-related data points

Dedicated Business Development Center

All your call center and lead management needs, staffed and managed by the same people who designed and developed your loyalty and incentive programs.

Reporting & Analytics

We do more than collect data. We organize and interpret it to help clients forecast and strategize for the future.

Payment Process & Operations Management

We integrate and manage everything from checks and bank reward cards to secured FTP transfers. This helps ensure accuracy, security, and auditability.

Redemption Fund Management

In addition to ensuring your program’s redemption account is adequately funded, we work directly with the financial institution for reward fulfillment and account reconciliation.

Data Processing
for 1099s

Where required, we capture and organize the necessary data for 1099 form generation.

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